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Data solutions for marketers, made by marketers.

Annalect is a solutions provider that helps marketers make data actionable. Annalect’s services and technology cut through the fragmented marketing ecosystem and put the right data at the fingertips of marketing teams. Annalect is comprised of three connected disciplines:

  • Tools - A set of day-to-day working tools that evolve with marketers’ processes and workflows. These range from campaign performance and social measurement, competitive analysis, budget management, consumer exploration and marketing optimization.
  • Technologies - Technology solutions that allow organizations to connect the fragmented web and make sense of large volumes of disparate data sources.
  • Consulting - Marketing consultants and analysts that help organizations build and optimize their data systems, competencies and extraction methods. In addition, Annalect provides comprehensive marketing mix modeling and advanced analytics.



Accuen is Omnicom Media Group’s center of excellence for programmatic media, operating the industry’s first open and flexible platform for programmatic media buying for the world's leading marketers. With operations in over 60 countries, Accuen delivers market-leading solutions across channels, transforming data into competitive media advantage.



Resolution is one of the largest performance media agencies in the world. The company manages media investments, with more than 600 specialists in 60+ offices worldwide. Resolution’s international network delivers digitally-integrated, full-service solutions in the areas of search, social, local, mobile, behavioral and content marketing. Resolution leverages the power of technology, data and the agility of real-time media marketplaces to target empowered consumers today and how they will change tomorrow. Resolution helps brands better understand consumer behaviors, interests, and intent, and turn these insights into actions through a unique suite of solutions. These include ClearTarget, the industry's leading search behavior analysis and segmentation offering to drive better targeting and performance of SEM and SEO programs, and Current@Resolution, a first of its kind, real-time social activation offering to amplify, integrate, and measure the impact of social initiatives, content marketing, innovative display media solutions and more.



Novus is a print and digital media company focusing on hyperlocal strategies. Novus is among the largest North American media buyers in the category, utilizing innovative strategies to optimize every buy while providing significant, on-going and permanent rate reductions. Clients trust Novus to provide insights and solutions through competitively advantaged integrated print and digital programs along with the ability to manage campaigns across the entire spectrum of volume and complexity.



Pathway is a performance media specialist within Omnicom Media Group. They are a boutique agency with a nimble and personalized client service approach able to harness the full clout and capabilities of Omnicom Media Group’s multi-billion dollar presence. They offer a full range of media services including strategic planning, analytics, continuous optimization and aggressive media investment management to maximize their client’s ROI. Pathway’s core philosophy is rooted in merging data – their proprietary tools routinely access hundreds of millions of data points – with professional interpretation to produce actionable insights that drive positive business outcomes.


Optimum Sports

Optimum Sports creates and manages branded content, sponsorship, media and large scale entertainment events. With extensive Olympic, FIFA and NFL Super Bowl experience, they deliver effective marketing solutions and ensure brand engagement at every touch point possible. Optimum Sports provides a unique perspective of the traditional sports worlds of the leagues and teams, coupled with a core media capability. This combination provides a sports marketing capability engineered for today’s environment.



Fuse Sports & Entertainment creates and manages branded content, sponsorship and entertainment solutions. The team of over 200 experts in 43 offices across EMEA, LATAM and ASIA has extensive experience in delivering innovative partnerships, events and content for multinational brands across a variety of platforms. Fuse has industry leading expertise across the Olympics, Formula One, FIFA and UEFA, in addition to strong experience in Fashion, Live Music and Arts.


Outdoor Media Group

Outdoor Media Group of Companies, established in 2001, is the leading Out of Home (OOH) media buying agency in North America specializing in the planning and buying of Location-based media. Through its media planning and buying groups, OMG and OMA, the organization offers industry-leading experience that spans traditional Outdoor (including Billboards, Transit, Street Furniture), Digital OOH, Place-based media, Cinema advertising, as well as fully customized, experiential activations. As a national company, they harness local and regional market expertise through its network of 13 offices. Specializing in the integration of technology and mobile across all locations and media, they merge data and market insights to connect with consumers, while optimizing media investments, ascertaining OOH attribution and measuring ROI. Through collective expertise, clout and relationships, Outdoor Media Group of Companies offers unparalleled value and access to the nation’s most prominent media placements. They provide production services through the print division, Outdoor Imaging (OI), while [d] theory, the Digital OOH and Innovations team, fuels their approach to planning dynamic media.


The Content Collective

The Content Collective is Omnicom Media Group’s entertainment and content division with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. The Content team works with clients by leveraging their media investments across television, digital, social and print to develop custom, integrated cross platform entertainment programs to create deeper and consistent consumer engagement. The Content Collective taps into a broad network of entertainment production companies, directors, writers and animators to produce breakthrough creative content from large-scale properties like the Grammys to smaller, original programs, covering all budget levels and brand program needs.


BrandScience are a large global team of advanced analytical experts dedicated to understanding how marketing affects business performance. They derive hard evidence to make strategic choices; which media channels to use, how much budget to invest, and whether to support the brand or individual products. Aside from large budget setting and allocation (market, portfolio) projects, BrandScience run holistic marketing mix evaluation programs, from local one brand studies to multimarket full portfolio studies. They leverage their vast experience to manage the largest repository of marketing effectiveness norms and learnings in the world, allowing them to advise Omnicom Media Group clients of golden rules for marketing success across all paid, owned and earned media channels, in any market in the world.