Power Essays 2017: Organized Chaos

By October 1, 2017 August 8th, 2019 MENA


In an age where speed is everything, we need to influence change from the outside in, says OMD UAE’s CEO, Nadim Samara

Accountability has never been higher on the marketer’s agenda, as ever-changing trends, hyper-connected consumers and a wave of new technology compete for prominence in our overall strategy.

We’re living in age were immediacy is expected and we must seek to keep up with this shift, deploying new tech, reshuffling our organization- with the creation of SMIs (strategic marketing investors) for example- and redefining our approach to remain agile in this unstable landscape.

While we look to eschew the separation between agency and client, operating with a deeper knowledge of clients’ ambitions and operations, it’s clear that we as an industry are undergoing one of the biggest transformations we have ever seen.

For his 2017 Power Essay in Campaign magazine, Nadim Samara, CEO of OMD UAE (Omnicom Media Group) examines this shift in detail, considering the complexities we will need to adapt and embrace to shape the agency of the future. Read the full article here.

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